There seems to be common goal we all share. As different as we are, as far apart as we drift, as intertwined as we become, we are the same in that we crave happiness. Well. You are in luck- attaining happiness is within your reach! For only three easy payments of $9.99, you too can…

I promise I’m joking and I promise I am only being slightly facetious.
The answer, you ask? It is easy. You must simply aspire to be a cow.  Yes, a cow.
Friedrich Nietzsche, who I can only hope was a happy philosopher (oxymoron?), attributed this constant state of contentment to cow‘s inability to retain past memories. Given that it is safe to assume that there is no way cow is dwelling on the future, this puts cow perpetually in the “now.” Unfortunately, our brains seem to be slightly more developed than cow’s and we hold on to the past- and since the pain and bad times always leave more of an impression, we hold on to those. To the pain, to the mistakes, to the grudges, to the fear, to the to the knowledge of consequence. The past experiences compartment of our subconscious  ends up looking something like this.
 image    Imagine how much “freer” we would be if all that was in there was the one yellow one.
I can’t help you with the future (if someone finds an answer to that one, come find me), but let’s try and fix the past. This is where “active forgetting” comes in. All these memories- all this knowledge- it is all cluttering the little portion of our brain that we have access to. The memory of pain keeps us from taking chances, the memory of failure keeps us from innovating, and the possibility of consequences  paradoxically keeps us from the change that we aspire towards. History paralyses ideas and innovation. Active forgetting suggests we teach our subconscious to let go of the traumatic experiences (of course we cant know we are doing this- lest we remember.) Worth a shot?
This is where the wise ones will pipe in and say that we need all this historical information to create a different future- a better future. Yea yea, I’d agree if all this historical information was actually fact. But guess what. There is no such thing as fact. (Wow. I’m all over the place with my theories today, eh.) There is no fact. There is no truth. There is only perspective. There’s only logic. This logic is based on what you have been guided to believe is fact or truth. You show me your history books and I’ll show you mine. So really, why give up your potential for innovation and your potential for growth and your potential for happiness in exchange for someone else’s perspective? Someone else’s perspective that has just happened to be eternalized as fact. So forget the past, forget the “learnings” and the “truths” and the consequences. Surround yourself with passion and passionate people. People passionate for people and passionate for ideas and passionate for innovation. That is the only thing that will inspire anything worth being inspired for. Make sense?
You know those moments of pure happiness. Those few, rare, inconsequential moments where the rest of the world fades away. Yea. Those are the only moments cows know. Oh, to be a cow.
To summarize:
1. Discard those people/ things/ situations that have caused pain- they’re holding you back.
2. See that sky? Its not really blue. The grass?- Nope, not green. Those are just rumours told so often that people started leaving out the “did you hear!?”
3. Turn your entire world upside down.
4. Aspire to be a cow.

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