“The eye sees the world, sees what inadequacies keep the world from being a painting, sees what keeps a painting from being itself, sees- on the palette- the colours awaited by the painting that answers to all these inadequacies just as it sees the paintings of others as other answers to other inadequacies.”- Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Art in any form – painting, writing, music – CREATION in any form is the most honest act of self expression. To create is to be naked; to evoke raw, unabridged emotion. To create is to cultivate and nourish human connection. To create is to trust.
In a paint-by-numbers world, where the lines are already drawn in black, to create is to allow splashes of hope, of emotion, of LIFE to reclaim the canvas.
This blog is my outlet. It is my response to arbitrary boundaries and preconceived reality. It is my perception of life and love and pain and magic. It is my answer to all of the world’s inadequacies. It is my typewriter and my ivory keys. It is my palette.
The world might spin in shades of grey, but in my mind I escape into colour.

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